Human scientists are baffled by the emergence of the Waste. The only thing about these new destructive creatures that’s been verified by multiple sources is that they seem to be spreading from the Chicago area. The prevailing theories all propose Globbicus represents the impact the Monsterpocalypse is having on the planet Earth. Embedded in the creature’s free-flowing form are the remnants of a power plant. During the initial skirmish between Gorghadra and human forces, that great cosmic beast was thrown into a power plant, leveling it and suffering significant damage. Perhaps this repulsive entity was formed when some of the Planet Eater’s flesh came into contact with the fuel rods exposed in the facility’s destruction. Or perhaps the eldritch energies unleashed by the Lords of Cthul have shifted reality enough that the laws of physics are beginning to break down. Even less clear are the creature’s motives, and theories abound on the topic of its intelligence. The only thing scientists have come to a conclusion regarding is that more observation and samples are necessary to truly understand this new threat.


Agenda: Destroyers

Faction: None

Type: Monster


Base Size: 60 mm

PIP: 51087

Release Date: March 27, 2020

Status: Available Now