Green Fury Unit Expansion 1

The organization known as Green Fury suffered through a fringe existence for years until many of their beliefs were proven right with the coming of the Monsterpocalypse. The skills they used to rely on to cobble together discarded scientific equipment for further study have been shifted to battlefield tactics to do their part in the planet’s defense. Scavenger vans carry teams of brave technicians into warzones. Once there, these crews salvage any materials still useful in the fight for survival. Providing air support, fighter planes known as Scrappers accompany these salvage teams. These ungainly looking aircraft bristle with weapons and scientific equipment, showing the dedication to both the planet’s continued existence and the ongoing efforts to understand the threats we face.


Agenda: Protectors

Faction: None

Type: Unit


Base Size: 30 mm

PIP: 51088

Release Date: March 27, 2020

Status: Available Now