Ubercorp International Unit Expansion 3

From the laboratories of the Uber Corp come more engines of destruction. In their attempt to make a match for the rock-steady G-Tank, they instead created something altogether unique. Gliding nearly silently with anti-gravity technology are the U-tank weapon platforms. Their massive cannons deal death and destruction to all would stop their constant advance. The Anti-Air-Ape-Bot is a perverse facsimile of the warriors of the Empire of the Apes. They have been seen slinging their chain fists, ripping enemies from the skies. Standing triumphant over the wreckage of enemy fighters, they prepare to unleash a frenzied mass of chains to eradicate any remaining resistance.


Agenda: Destroyers

Faction: UberCorp International

Type: Unit


Base Size: 30 mm

PIP: 51085

Release Date: February 28, 2020

Status: Coming Soon