Check out today's Privateer Insider here for a sneak peek at one of the all new hyper forms available at GenCon 2011, Quantum Deimos-9!

And be sure to keep an eye on the Monsterpocalypse website for upcoming previews of all the awesome new hyper forms available first through Privateer Press events at this year's GenCon!

New Organized Play Kits for the Monsterpocalypse Battle Miniatures Game and Monsterpocalypse D.M.Z. expansion are available for stores to register on

These kits reintroduce classic mega forms for monsters from the Monsterpocalypse core game giving new and veteran players alike the perfect opportunity to expand their collections.

Visit today and find all the exciting Monsterpocalypse events near you!

Privateer Press Events at Gen Con this year are shaping up to be the best ever. Iron Arena will be back with a few tweaks and promises the same fun and amazing prizes it did last year. Our tournament scene is so jam packed with WARMACHINE/HORDES and Monsterpocalypse action, you may never leave the event area.

Gen Con events registration opens on May 1st and they are sure to fill fast!

While the Monsterpocalypse website has remained relatively quiet since the DreamWorks movie announcement, behind the scenes has been a constant flurry of activity as Privateer Press continues to work closely with our new partners defining the future of everyone’s favorite kaiju game.

With the recent DreamWorks announcements and the impending release of the Monsterpocalypse two-player battle miniatures box, there have been several questions about where the game is heading. Privateer Press has remained relatively quiet on the topic in the last few months as we have been working closely with our new partners to determine the shape of Monsterpocalypse to come.

In the meanwhile, we thought we’d offer a sneak peek at some of the work in progress: sculpts planned for future Monsterpocalypse releases.