Home Is Where the Hurt Is

As the Monsterpocalypse reaches a fever pitch around the world, each faction unleashed incredible new weapons to destroy the competition. Unite your forces and leave nothing but rubble in your wake as you crush your way to victory!

The Monsterpocalypse: All Your Base Strategy Guide contains all the inside knowledge you'll need to smash the opposition to dust.

The 64-page guide includes:

  • Strategies and tips for integrating the powerful new morpher monsters and installation buildings into your Monsterpocalypse force.
  • New cross-faction and multi-monster strategies.
  • New tactics articles, alternate game scenarios to power up your game, and two new Kaiju Conundrums.
  • A bonus double-sided play mat with the Wrecking Ball and Grapple in the Garden battle maps!
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All Your Base
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