Ready To Form Voltron! Activate Interlocks! Dyna-Therms Connected! Infra-Cells Up!
Mega Thrusters Are Go!

The evil Drule Empire threatens to enslave the entire galaxy. Against this evil stands the Galaxy Alliance, led by the legendary Voltron, Defender of the Universe! Now in the darkness of space, the fate of untold galaxies is about to be decided. Which side will you choose?

Take control of the mighty Voltron and the Galaxy Alliance or Lo-Tron of the fiendish Drule Empire as you wage battle across the unforgiving reaches of space. Launch searing energy blasts, smash your opponent into rogue asteriods, and form blazing sword as you unleash the awesome power of two of the universe's mightiest beings to achieve total victory!


To set the stage for the face-off between the forces of good and evil, you’ll lay out the specially designed gridded space battle mat, which conveniently references all the ability text needed to play the game. The mat is double-sided so you will have a choice between two different scenarios: Cosmic Influx or Solar Conflict. Various elements on the battle maps bring different special effects to the game: asteroids to maneuver through, enhancing power crystals, a dangerous comet and super nova, and a dampening ion field. You will also struggle with your opponent for control of key points on the battle map to give your force an edge. If you can, you’ll secure a targeting satellite or fueling station to bolster your attack capabilities or speed, hold special relay positions to slow down the opposing force, take control of a solar amplifier to enhance your power, and access a navigational probe to assist your battle map maneuvering.

In the midst of this space scene, Voltron and Lo-Tron collide in battle. With an arsenal to choose from, the gigantic robots exchange devastating brawl, blast, and power attacks. Brawl attacks are used against adjacent enemies, while blast attacks are used against enemies at a distance. Various power attacks may be used when aligned with the enemy not only to cause damage but also to change his position on the battle map. This aspect of attacking in the Voltron: Defender of the Universe battle miniatures game—actually taking the opponent’s miniature and placing it somewhere else on the battle map—makes for some very dynamic combat sequences.

And there’s the additional action in the game with Galaxy Garrison Cruisers and Skull Ships dog fighting through asteroid fields. Although you have just five of these units in your reserves, they are an unlimited resource of combat support, since a unit can be re-spawned onto the battle map even after being destroyed.

The outcome of Voltron and Lo-Tron’s fight will determine the fate of the universe. When either Voltron or Lo-Tron is defeated, the game ends. Only the victor is left standing!

Voltron, Defender of the Universe Battle Miniatures Game features:

  • 1 Voltron figure
  • 5 Voltron Lion figures
  • 5 Voltron force Galaxy Garrison Cruiser figures
  • 1 Lo-Tron figure
  • 1 Lotor's Command Ship figure
  • 4 Robeast figures
  • 5 Lo-Tron Skull Ship figures
  • 4 health tracking tokens
  • 4 dice tracking tokens
  • 24 dice
  • 1 double-sided game mat
  • 1 full color rulebook

Expand Your Universe!

Earth is beset on all sides by montrous being that wage a constant battle for supremacy. Now you can pit the legendary Voltron, Defender of the Universe, and his evil nemesis Lo-Tron of Planet Doom against the monsters of the Monsterpocalypse - or team up with them for a double dose of monster-smashing action as you fight across the cities of Earth!

Expand your game with Monsterpocalypse Monster and Unit Boosters and take control of powerful new monsters and their forces as you fight for control of Earth. Discover more about the factions of Monsterpocalypse here

Get Your Own Limited Edition Voltron Figure!

In celebration of the release, Privateer Press is offering the Voltron: Defender of the Universe Launch Kit (PIP 50033, MSRP $399.92) to brick-and-mortar retailers.

The kit includes eight copies of the Voltron: Defenders of the Universe battle miniatures game and two limited edition Mega Voltron figures for use in promoting the game’s release in the store. Retailers can pre-order the Voltron: Defenders of the Universe Launch Kit through their distributor now.

Form Blazing Sword - July 2010