Game Overview

Monsterpocalypse is a fast-moving, action-packed battle miniatures game played with detailed hobby miniatures that players assemble and paint to portray the most fearsome giant monsters on Earth!

When the battle begins, you’ll command your monster and lead your units into the city to hunt down and destroy your opponent’s monster. Your monster and units each have weapons and abilities that are activated by special dice to help you achieve ultimate victory.

Monsters can increase their power throughout the game by smashing buildings and destroying enemy units. When two monsters fight each other, the results are devastating—they can throw each other across the city, rampage through buildings, and suplex each other into radioactive rubble! The last monster standing wins the game.

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Attackers from beyond space and time and from beneath the lands and oceans have engulfed the world in catastrophic conflict. The monsterpocalypse has arrived. In the face of these disasters, the nations of Earth have put aside their differences and banded together to combat these threats through a multi-national security force known as G.U.A.R.D. (Globally United Advanced Research & Defense). G.U.A.R.D. has assembled the greatest scientific minds and military leaders from over a dozen countries to take on the cosmic invaders and underworld conquerors with the most technologically capable armed force the world has ever seen. Equipped with massive mechs, cutting-edge air support, unparalleled ground support, and a dozen high-tech installations around the globe and in orbit, G.U.A.R.D. can deploy anywhere on Earth in minutes and go toe-to-toe with aggressors from any corner of the universe. Though members of the Unified Earth Treaty often criticize G.U.A.R.D. and its “cowboy” attitude for causing as much destruction as it prevents, most people accept the force as integral to Earth’s defense despite the cost. After one particularly devastating alien invasion of London, the Prime Minister of England attempted to bill G.U.A.R.D. for damage to many historical monuments caused by its actions. A day later, the Prime Minister received a much larger bill from G.U.A.R.D. Chief Executive General Norman for the costs of the battle: three years worth of ordnance expenditure, vehicle maintenance and repair, and personnel hours (including overtime and danger-pay). This simple act put matters into perspective for most world leaders, and none have questioned G.U.A.R.D.’s value since.
The world is full of secret and wild places where civilization has yet to intrude. These locations have kept their secrets for tens of thousands of years, containing as-yet undiscovered bounties of animal life. So it was in the depths of the Amazon jungle. The vast canopy blocked satellite imagery, and many expeditions vanished without a trace. This unexplored wilderness concealed a powerful primordial force, unimagined by modern minds and whispered to be a manifestation of the very gods by the isolated tribes of the deep jungle. With the coming of the monsterpocalype, an ancient order of beasts stirred in remotest South America, emerging for the first time in human history. The colossal lizard dubbed Terra-Khan and a host of lesser Terrasaurs came forth to do battle with the strange invaders attacking the world. With a slash of his immense tail Terra-Khan can send hulking monsters flying, and the power of his roar can flatten an entire industrial complex. While Terra-Khan and his offspring seem content to simply destroy other monsters, the urban devastation they wreak is seen as a boon by some. The Terrasaurs do drive off other threats to the world, but in doing so they leave whole city blocks flattened. To those who view industrialization and progress as an existential threat to the world, this collateral damage is a further victory. Cheering throngs of such people trail behind the march of the Terrasaurs, rejoicing at every toppled building and trampled industrial complex.
Hidden behind a shroud of enigmatic activities, the criminal cartel known as the Shadow Sun Syndicate alleges its mission is to preserve humanity and society—though sometimes this seems to come at the cost of that very humanity and society. Indeed, observers often have difficulty determining whose interests the Syndicate serves, for they clash with law enforcement and military agencies as often as with cosmic and interdimensional threats. What they claim is an altruistic effort to maintain balance in the world, critics argue is quite clearly an attempt to control it. The Shadow Sun Syndicate is a well-funded private organization based in Japan and dedicated to the acquisition of advanced technology and all related knowledge. Some describe them as the greatest repository of technological information in the world. Guided by the genius of Dr. Arisu Kaneko, the Shadow Sun Syndicate has leaped decades ahead of anyone else in the fields of biotechnology and nanotechnology. Chief among Dr. Kaneko’s achievements are the Zors—biomorphic and cybernetically enhanced ninja warriors. Each of their hi-tech armored suits contains a human transformed into a weapon of war through the application of incredibly advanced science. They can morph at will from human size to 60-meter super-fighters employing a destructive combination of martial arts and energy weapons. While its methods remain unpredictable, the Shadow Sun Syndicate has won the hearts of countless people who see these giant warriors not as rogues but as awe-inspiring knights ready to battle the forces that menace the world.
A great race of gargantuan apes has long secluded itself from the domain of man in the deepest, unmapped regions of Africa’s deadly Congo jungles. With the rise to power of their new king, however, they rejected the ancient counsel of their elders and began to look beyond their sheltered existence to the world around them. What they discovered was strange beyond expectation: with cars, planes, and skyscrapers, the sprawling cities of humanity teemed with technology and activity. Shocked and disgusted by the unrestrained plundering of nature’s refuge, the simian sapiens slipped away unnoticed—for the time being. King Kondo saw the liberation of nature from humanity as a call his people could not deny. They would reduce the cities to rubble so nature could once again have her way. Under his leadership, the apes scoured the jungles and deserts for tools to use against the cities of man: scorched hulks of tanks and planes from bygone wars they quickly reshaped into armor and weapons befitting their lineage. These proud warriors now demolish cities and protect rustic villages with equal fervor. They bear no ill will toward humanity but will stop at nothing to see all live in harmony with nature rather than in dominion over her.
Long have sailors, explorers, thrill-seekers, and even pilots disappeared in the region of the Atlantic known as the Bermuda Triangle. Only now, in the days of the Monsterpocalypse, has mankind discovered why. The Tritons, as humans call them, are a reclusive, aquatic race that historically have gone to great lengths to erase any evidence of their existence. Until recently, anyone unfortunate enough to glimpse the Tritons soon came to rest in a deep and watery grave. The Zoa Prophecy, an ancient script on the wall of a sunken temple, predicted the coming Monsterpocalypse and the role the Tritons would play. The prophecy clearly states that great monsters of the deep will rise to the surface in defense of the planet, but it is less clear on whether those creatures care about the wellbeing of humanity.
Many organizations grew out of the environmentalist movement of the 1960s and early ’70s. There were a few scientists in these groups who advocated for not just the preservation of the planet but also a deeper understanding of what nature was truly capable of. Derided as crackpots, these researchers insisted that life forms existed on a much larger scale than was widely accepted and that this mega-fauna would change everything about the Earth if fully understood. Driven to the most extreme militant fringe of the movement, these scientists found allies in those convinced the only thing that would save the planet was violence toward polluters taking advantage of nature, and thus was Green Fury born. When the Monsterpocalypse began, this small group was finally vindicated. Focusing especially on the Terrasaurs, they mounted expeditions to the deepest parts of the Amazon where these creatures had emerged. Their risk paid off greatly, allowing for advances in biology that just decades before had seemed impossible. Sergeant Titanica is but the first of their projects: what they hope is the salvation of the Earth.
High in the Akaishi Mountains of Japan dwells an ancient order of monks dedicated to the preservation of all that is good in the human race. Though their numbers are very few, these warrior monks possess powerful magic tied to earth, air, fire, water, and heaven. Even the lowliest monk of the Tenshi Seigikan order can coalesce powerful elemental warriors from the world of nature. Living stone, driving wind, searing flame, and raging torrents readily heed the call of the Tenshi Seigikan. The greatest monks of the order are not only casters of powerful spells but are also the trusted guardians of ancient armor infused with the power of the elements. With great concentration and inner focus, the wearers of these holy relics can channel magical energy into temporary bursts of unparalleled power that elevate the monks from peaceful contemplatives to elemental gods who walk the earth. These warrior gods enforce the Tenshi Seigikan teachings with a strength borne on faith and an inner calm that grants them great insight and focus in battle. They seek not the harm of their enemies so much as the protection of the innocent.
The Draken Armada is a fleet of intergalactic starships sent from a highly advanced civilization in a nearby galaxy. Their crusade began when a Planet Eater comet entered their solar system. Unlike Earth, they were much more prepared for this invasion; nevertheless, they suffered great losses in order to defeat those who would destroy their home world. Gallamaxus was once a noble warrior and led their forces during the Planet Eater attack. With great sacrifice, he dealt the final blow to defeat the enemy but not before being mortally wounded. As the Draken people watched their great hero’s body drift out into the darkness of space, they made a vow: never again would a people stand alone against an evil like the Planet Eaters. With this oath, they began constructing great ships to carry their armies across the stars in a hunt for evil. Members of the Draken race are of much greater stature than humans, and their technology is indistinguishable from magic to the scientists of Earth. They fight beside other reptilian creatures from their home world and are led by great beasts. In times of desperate need, the Draken turn to their most powerful and dangerous secrets to succeed. An exceptional volunteer enters a vast mystichnical chamber and emerges as a mighty monster and champion to protect their people.


Beyond the veil of our own universe exist myriad dimensions teeming with unknown threats. For eons, practitioners of the occult have dared to peel back the fragile layer that separates our world from a vast realm of darkness to glimpse the ancient powers that lurk within. And from time to time, those horrors have slipped through the void. No one knows if the cultists who summoned the Lords of Cthul to our world did so intentionally or accidentally, as the great Cthugrosh slew those foolish humans the moment he first slithered out of the abyss—perhaps his only merciful act. Followed by a legion of towering monsters and nightmare spawn, Cthugrosh wasted no time in spreading his primordial corruption across the globe. Where the Cthulians tread the earth blackens, vegetation withers, and humans bow in abject worship before the might of these eldritch demi-gods. Those who will not kneel are transformed into hideous mockeries of their former selves, forced to suffer their few remaining days as slaves to the will of these unappeasable beings. Theologians name the Lords of Cthul as none other than the beasts that herald the end of days. Those who have witnessed these otherworldly abominations, however, know the Cthulians are much older than anything described in the holy texts of man, and that the end of days might be far ahead of schedule.
For as long as we have gazed up at the stars, silent alien observers have looked back. Unbeknownst to humankind, Earth has proven to be a particularly intriguing subject of study over the past several centuries for the indigenous inhabitants of our planetary neighbor Mars. Long since depleted of resources and reduced to a barren desert of red dirt, Mars can no longer provide the necessary sustenance for the Martian species. Finally seeing the error of their ways, the Martians have looked beyond their home for new resources and, conveniently, found Earth right around the cosmic corner. The Martians possess technology and methods of space travel that humanity will not discover for generations, but when their own environmental apocalypse fell upon them they still lacked the capacity for a full-scale invasion of a neighboring planet. Starvation had taken its toll on the Martian population by slowing industry and depleting their military. The relocation of their species required patience and planning. Their plan required the vast majority of surviving Martians to enter suspended animation while scientists and engineers constructed a fleet of ships and vehicles capable of conquering Earth. Meanwhile, scout teams observed Earth, and harvesters mined the planet for any remaining resources to fuel the military effort back on Mars. Unfortunately, time was not on their side, and human technology developed far quicker than anticipated. Decades flew by between advances in the Martian military machine, and every year humans gained greater knowledge and power. The Martians could no longer hide after the Roswell crash in 1947. In an effort to control the progress of humans and gain inside intelligence, the Martians came forward to the governments of the world’s leading nations and traded technology for resources, all the while steering humanity’s progress in just the right directions to ensure its eventual vulnerability. This more open relationship sent additional resources back to Mars, and their productivity vastly accelerated. Shortly after the turn of century, the Martians removed their soldiers from stasis, said goodbye to Mars once and for all, and mobilized their fleet. The invasion of Earth had begun.
Since the dawn of civilization, humanity has probed the heavens for omens of good or ill. Had we known what lurked among the stars, we might have kept our eyes on the ground. Five years ago, astronomers discovered a new celestial body—a six-tailed, golden-hued comet streaking into Earth’s solar system. The trajectory of the comet put it on course to pass within 67 million miles of Earth in the early 21st century. This presented a unique opportunity for scientists to launch an intercept probe and study the most elusive of celestial wanderers. One year after the comet’s initial discovery, the Harbinger Comet Explorer was launched, successfully intercepting the comet eight months later. The probe transmitted less than three seconds of video before contact was lost. Though the images were indistinct and awash in light, more than a few observers claimed to see in them a shape that resembled a giant eye. Within hours of contact with the probe, the comet appeared to change course—intelligently. Its new trajectory would intercept Earth in less than five months. The defense forces of every major nation worked feverishly to move the comet off this course with a barrage of nuclear warheads, but to no avail. Four hundred thousand miles from Earth, the comet split into six separate fragments that crashed down at equidistant points on the globe. Earthquakes and tsunamis shook the planet, and a sizable portion of Chicago disappeared forever in a massive crater that has since altered the contours of Lake Michigan. The Planet Eaters were here. From the devastation caused by the impacts emerged six gargantuan and ravenous creatures and a host of lesser minions. These space-born terrors of impenetrable flesh and glistening metal stormed the landscape and devoured all but the very ground they walked upon. With no apparent purpose other than to consume everything in their path, the alien horrors continue to raze cities and repel every military force that dares stand before them. Humanity’s only peace comes when these creatures seem to have had their fill for a time and burrow deep beneath the Earth’s surface for a brief hibernation. Such respite brings little solace, however, for the beasts always return hungrier than before.
Of all the monsters mankind has seen since the dawn of the Monsterpocalypse, none are more nefarious than the loathsome Subterrans. The tyrant caste of these misshapen beast-men inflicts slavery and pain upon those in their domain and now seeks to subjugate humankind as well. The tyrants’ ultimate goal is to blot out the sun so they may live comfortably on Earth’s surface despite their highly photosensitive eyes. To that end, they send Subterran warriors to the surface, along with enormous mole-like beasts that smash cities to bits and send citizens running heedlessly into the arms of Subterran slavers. Their perverse “human resource centers” are vast factory prisons whose sole product is a constant wave of inky darkness streaming into the atmosphere, causing the skies to darken gradually in their vicinity. In the face of such villainous foes, the militaries, corporations, and religions of Earth have no choice but to band together.
Once a consumer products company that merely dabbled in computers and robotics, Uber Corp International invested heavily in those areas with the rise of the monster forces. Its researchers worked relentlessly, carefully analyzing the monster attacks and paying handsomely for the slightest information on monster physiology and technology. This investment and drive has paid off in the company’s product line of robotic protection vehicles (RPVs) in the likeness of the Carnidons, Shinobi, and others. Towering above even the impressive RPVs, the robots in Uber Corp’s mechamonster program are undoubtedly its crowning achievement. These amazing robotic copies of the beasts and fiends rampaging through Earth’s cities can stand toe-to-toe with any aberration of nature. However, controversy surrounds the mecha-monsters: is UCI deploying them to protect the populace, or is its only protecting its own revenue stream with grandiose publicity stunts disguised as public service?
Drawn to light like many of their less-destructive relatives, this unstoppable swarm of insectoids is composed of all manner of mutated insects that appear intent on demolishing anything even slightly luminescent. The Savage Swarm quickly and completely devastates everything in its path as it sweeps across the countryside, and few effective deterrents to the giant bugs have been discovered. Of course, there’s always good old-fashioned firepower and grim determination. Reasoning with the swarm is as effective as reasoning with other insects, and all efforts to eradicate them have failed to even contain their numbers, much less reduce them. The insects appear to be endowed with super-powered reproductive capabilities and can replace the swarm’s losses within days, if not instantly. Today’s children no longer want nightlights to keep nightmares at bay—they are far more afraid of what those shining beacons might attract…
Human scientists are baffled by the emergence of the Waste. The only thing about these new destructive creatures as verified by multiple sources is that they seem to be spreading from the Chicago area. Legitimate scientific thought and wild conspiracy theories are part of every discussion regarding their true origin. Whether they were created when a comet fragment struck a radioactive waste facility, when the eldritch energies of Cthul imbued a semi-sentience into sewer sludge, or when demented human scientists spawned them in a dark lab, the truth is still to be determined. As unclear as the origin of this Faction remains, even less clear are the creature’s motives. Almost as many theories exist on the topic of intelligence amongst these blobs as their origins. Some seem to react to stimuli in a fashion reminiscent of living creatures, and others appear to be mindlessly destructive. The only thing scientists have come to a firm conclusion about at this point is that more observation and samples are necessary to truly understand this new threat.
Humanity was just getting used to the concepts of interplanetary creatures bent on consuming the universe and alien invaders harvesting resources to revitalize their dying world when the first messengers of the Draken Armada arrived in the solar system. Along with the aid they brought, these intergalactic travelers also brought a warning of an even larger looming threat. Gallamaxus arrived just months later. Our new allies explained that this creature was but the first in a dark cloud of death headed for our planet. He is the harbinger of the Necroscourge, which may be the most terrifying addition to the Monsterpocalypse yet. From what little humanity has learned of the Necroscourge, it seems to be a hivemind of nanite machines. Their origin is a mystery, but tendrils of the nanite cloud stretch across the void, reaching for nearby stars. When the nanites come into contact with dead material, the cloud disassembles and reconstitutes whatever it has found into a weapon. These weaponized corpses protect the swarm, but they also wreak new destruction to ensure the Necroscourge has plenty of new material to work from.
Unlike many of the forces fighting to conquer Earth, the Zerkalo Bloc is made up of humans. They come from another version of our planet, one of countless parallel versions of our home world scattered across the multiverse. Their ancestors fought a war to dominate their Earth and stumbled across the technology to pierce the fabric between realities. They saw it as their right to expand their empire into all these newfound territories, and they have been fighting wars ever since. They discovered worlds blasted by nuclear winter, dominated by the descendants of the dinosaurs, and others far stranger. When their first scouts returned from the Monsterpocalypse, some members of their high command urged caution and ultimately avoidance of this bewildering conflict. Others saw the possibility of a great victory and access to more technologies and materials than they had ever imagined before. Unfortunately for those seeking to protect this Earth, cooler heads did not prevail. The forces that march forth from the dimensional rifts opened by powerful machines on their Earth are led by walking battleships and factory robots that scoop up entire blocks of cities to feed into their grinding resource hoppers, sifting out the useful resources to construct more of their odd-looking tanks and aircraft to replace any losses inflicted by the beleaguered forces that stand against them.