What is the difference between the 2008 Monsterpocalypse and the new Monsterpocalypse?

The original Monsterpocalypse game released in 2008 was a pre-painted collectible miniatures game. The figures in the game came pre-assembled and painted and were available through blind-buy booster boxes.

The new version of Monsterpocalypse releasing this fall is a hobby miniatures game. The models will no longer come pre-assembled and painted and will not be sold in blind-buy boxes. Instead, players will purchase the models they want and then assemble, customize, and paint them to create a force that is uniquely their own.

This change from pre-painted figures to hobby models has also allowed us to significantly increase both the size and the level of detail of the models as compared to the original game figures, creating a truly exciting kaiju-inspired hobby miniatures game line.

Size comparison: New Defender X (Center), original Defender X (right), and Grolar from WARMACHINE (left)

Are the models the only difference, then? What about the game rules?

The new Monsterpocalypse rules represent an improved second edition of the original game rather than a completely new game. In developing the new Monsterpocalypse, we worked hard to tighten and streamline the rules while keeping the core game experience of the original game intact. Perhaps the biggest change has been making two-monster games (with each player controlling two monsters) the standard, alongside the more traditional single-monster battles of the original game.

Can I use my original Monsterpocalypse figures in the new game?

Due to the difference in scale, original Monsterpocalypse figures will not work in the new game. All official Monsterpocalypse tournaments and events will require players to use the new hobby models for play.

You’ve previewed G.U.A.R.D. and Planet Eaters—what other Factions will there be?

Wave 1 of the new Monsterpocalypse will feature six Factions: the robot defenders of G.U.A.R.D., the cyber ninjas of the Shadow Sun Syndicate, the reptilian predators of the Terrasaurs, the sinister fiends of the Lords of Cthul, the destructive Planet Eaters, and the invaders of the Martian Menace.

Additionally, each of these factions has been divided into two larger Agendas: the Protectors or the Destroyers. When building an army, a player chooses an Agenda and then builds an army from a mix of all Faction models within that Agenda. Future waves may include new models for existing Factions, new Factions for each Agenda, or wholly new Agendas with all new Factions and/or existing Factions drawn from Monsterpocalypse’s rich setting.

How will Monsterpocalypse be packaged?

Monsterpocalypse will feature four different product types. The first and most important is the Agenda starter box. Each Agenda will have a starter box that contains a starting monster and units as well as all the materials you need to play the game, including the game rules, double-sided map, and custom dice.

New monsters will be available in Monster boxes, and new units will be available in Unit blisters. Finally, players can expand their cities with Building packs that will include a selection of three resin buildings to use when building their urban battleground.

How long does the average game take?

A one-monster game should take around 45 minutes, and a two-monster game should take around 90 minutes.

How many models do you play with?

Currently each player fields 1 to 3 monsters, 15 to 25 units, and up to 12 buildings.

Will there be organized play for Monsterpocalypse?

Yes! We will be supporting a robust tournament scene as well as thematically driven game play.

When will I be able to get my hands on Monsterpocalypse?

Monsterpocalypse will release worldwide October 5th, 2018.

Where can I find more information about specific ability rulings?

You can find the first Errata and FAQ on abilities and game rulings here.